you are a good internet person



notepad, have you ever watched or read any naruto? I think a super cool guy like you would have enjoyed it

I think I’ve watched like 10 minutes of the first episode of naruto and that’s it that’s all

u should draw more homestuck,,

please, give me some of your confidence to work, I always start but quickly lose the motivation or get frustrated

I’m sorry to hear that, anon. ;w; Just keep at it! I often lose motivation or get frustrated when I spend time on something too, so just make sure to keep working on stuff you find really fun and engaging.

Whenever you post an encouraging or optimistic message it makes me feel so happy inside. :3

Oh wow, really? That’s pretty neat! I’ll have to more often then. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Aaahhh, I wanna play it so bad! It’s not out until next week here and I can’t waaaiit.

I guess that this is, in a way, a reason why you prefer doing your Nuzlocke comics (and some of you animations) in monochrome, correct? (Are there any other reasons?)

Oh haha, exactly yeah! I try to avoid colouring whenever I can, it’s so much extra work that can just get really tiresome.

I wonder... how would you pick the colours of stuff that was not Pokémon (for example, your finals animation and that "fun stretchy kitty" animation), since not all of them have a defined colour palette?

Ah, well I just end up picking them from photos or such. Trying to colour a room is an absolutely nightmare to me, there are so many different colours going on that it looks like an absolute mess if I don’t have some sort of colour palette I can work with.

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