That was THE cutest thing EVER! It was wonderful! I hope you two have a wonderful anniversary!

Aaa gosh, thank you! He’s asleep right now, I’m hoping it’ll be a nice surprise when he wakes up to go on the computer and I’m still sleeping (。・ω・。)

Wait, what just happened on the Ann Romney thing? I'm so lost right now, lol

People reblogging something they thought was serious but it was from a satirical news thing much like The Onion. The source was there the whole time but I guess that didn’t help people not be gullible.

Ok, since everyone else is asking web comic related questions, I figure I might as well ask one. Did you ever read the sprite comic Bob and George? I used to read it WAY back and it's ended, but it always gave me a laugh or two. It's pretty long now that it's officially over, but if you haven't read it, you should give it a shot. Well, if you like megaman that is.

I haven’t read it, no. I don’t really read any web comics actually, oh dear.

And uh, I haven’t played a Megaman game so I might be a little lost with that one comic, then.

Are you going to get Playstation All Stars Battle Royale when it comes out? And if you are, what character would you be most excited to play as?

Oh uh, I don’t think I’ll be getting it. ;w; The Fighting game genre isn’t really my thing.

I keep forgetting to ask, but I wanted to ask if you still had that picture of the airplane with anime eyes and it was, I think, apologizing for a flight being late. I thought it was very funny :3

(。◕‿◕。 )